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The New 'Duet II' Virtual Theater Pipe Organ

3/24 Theatre Pipe Organ ‘Duet’

Now you can have all the Bells, Whistles, Chrysoglotts,
Tibias, Cymbals, and Sirens on your MIDI instrument!


At last . . . there’s a complete, ready-to-play, MIDI Theatre Pipe Organ unit that can transform your instrument into a 24 rank three manual theatre organ. ‘Duet’ also provides an effective way to add 24 ranks to existing virtual and commercial TOs as well as Keyboards and MIDI prepared Pipe Organs!



F New Reverb/Ambiance Control

Allowing for Dry to Cathedral Effects

F New Solo/Great Switch

Allowing for three manuals on a split keyboard or 2 manual organ

 F 24 ranks, 32’ through 1’ . . . plus an alternate second Vox Humana rank and an alternate third Tibia rank

F 11 Tuned Percussion voices (including a repeating Xylophone and Tuned Sleigh Bells!)

F 11 Traps

F 8 Toys (on right piston buttons)

F 10 memory banks of 10 general registerable memory pistons with LED indicators. (Duet comes programmed with 70 ready
to use theatre settings)

F 5 Great to Solo Blackpool couplers

F Traditional theatre couplers

F Permits the addition of lush, ethereal ‘Gospel Theater’ sounds to existing classical church organs or keyboards.

This control panel allows you to register and save the organ’s 208 voices and couplers to the pistons through a proprietary Divisional/Select system.

This product developed and produced in limited quantities in the USA by former Conn Organ development engineers and artists. Also many thanks to the world-wide assistance received from the VTO community for their unselfish assistance. Please note that a donation to support legitimate TO restoration projects will be made from each sale.

"Duet" fits on your rack, and provides it’s own music desk.

F Second touch voices (for compatible instruments)

F MIDI expression (for compatible instruments)

F PMTS - jOrgan based proprietary tone generation system (patent pending)

F BOSS proprietary ensemble system

F Dual Music Desk concept . . . safe and easily placed or removed from your instrument. (patent pending)

F  Stereo Channeling,  Play it through an external sound system (HIGHLY recommended for true sound!) or through your instrument’s system or through stereo headphones, which also sound great.

F A completely turnkey unit . . . no ‘tech’ programming, special wiring or construction required on your part.


Specs subject to change and improve without notice.






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